About Us

“The education of the whole person, in an atmosphere of excellence and integrity, to the glory of God”

Advent Comprehensive High School has been in existence for the past 9 years and has assisted hundreds of learners to achieve matriculation and seek greener pastures beyond schooling. We have gained strength and experience each year in the classroom and can proudly say that each learner that comes to our school will experience a unique learning experience.

We promise a consistent learning program that is characterised by hard work and innovation throughout the year. We undertake to give each learner in our school the best learning experience that is not limited to classroom material but also extends to character moulding and spiritual upliftment that will develop a whole person. We are not scared of challenges, in fact through Christ who strengthens us we surmount through challenges and obstacles and we use them as a stepping stone to reach distant horizons day by day.



  • —Established on the 1st of April 2005
  • —Off shoot of Intercessory  prayers at African Enterprise
  • —Has been in existance  for the past nine years
  • —Has assisted hundreds of learners to archieve Matricululation and seek greener pastures beyond schooling.

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